How to Save on Fitness Equipment

Every one of us wants to be in great shape. But not all of us have the money to go to the gym or buy every known fitness equipment on the market today. Don’t let go of your dream of having breathtaking abs and toned bodies just yet. Here are ways on how to keep yourself healthy and not have to break the bank.


Run in the park

Open spaces and runway paths made especially for exercise buffs are now created in parks and suburban areas. You can breathe in fresh air as you get yourself focused on your daily and weekly distance and time goals.

Stay alert for vouchers and promo codes

The problem with most office workers is time. You cannot always run in the park when you get out of work late at night. Yes, you can still go to 24/7 gyms but the effort of changing clothes and preparing your clothes, tumblers, and towels can be too much hassle for some. It can also take a chunk of your time.

Good thing, you can get different code promos, coupon codes and kode voucher Lazada which you can use to purchase items at unbelievably lower rates and prices. You just have to check the site for spot discounts and advertisements. Set your notifications so that you will be alerted always for incoming deals and discounted fees to get an Aliexpress coupon code for mobile cover on your mobile app.

Exercise at home

weightsTo save money, you can just buy weights on discounted prices using Zalora promo code and slowly build your gym equipment at home than go to the gym. By doing this, you can restrict yourself in spending money that you actually have.  You also get the luxury of using any of your fitness equipment at any time of the day.

If you do not yet have the money to purchase gym equipment and accessories, you can always use your body weight. You can find various routines which include push-ups, sit-ups, triceps exercises, and other sets which you can use the break a sweat and remove those unwanted fats.

Swimming is another option

You do not have to subscribe to expensive gyms to achieve the healthy body that you dream of. One way to shed those pounds is by going to your local recreation centers and looking for a swimming pool.
Swimming is great for the lungs. It also helps in reducing and sometimes, completely eliminating the negative effects of heart illnesses and other cardiovascular diseases.

It also gives the body a total workout. The resistance that the water gives to your bodies allows you to push yourself more and give you stronger upper and lower muscles. Physically, swimming can also provide you with flexibility and overall good posture.

Negotiate gym prices

If you don’t ask, you will only get what you see in their brochures and ads. But most gyms nowadays give packages that adapt to the needs of their clients.  Simply ask for it so you will know where to put the agoda discount code or use the code promo asos and enjoy big savings.

You have various options on how to reduce gym memberships and monthly expenses. Remove the classes that you do not need. You can also compare yearly and monthly fees and see which one would best suit your lifestyle more. You can also mention the membership fees of other gyms to get the prices lower.

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    1. I agree with you Luanna. But incase you did not realize, most fitness equipment has some target area on your body that needs to be addressed. In that note, it is best the get an equipment that really target what you need.

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